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Andrey V. Masloboev, Doctor of technical sciences, associate professor, leading researcher, Institute of Informatics and Mathematical Modelling of Technological Processes of Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (24А Fersmana street, Apatity, Russia), E-mail: 


Background. The study is aimed at the development of theoretical and technical-organizational foundations for managing the safety and resilience of regional critical infrastructures. At the initial stage of our research, the analysis and positioning of the state-of-the-art theory of regional security among the existing fundamentals in the field of managing the development and functioning of complex dynamic systems are carried out. This is necessary for the subsequent enhancement of the formal apparatus used in modeling and automating the processes of ensuring the security of regional socio-economic systems and critical infrastructures of the region. Materials and methods. From the standpoints of a systems approach and the general principles of network-centric control, the methodological foundations of the theory of regional security as an independent and advanced field of knowledge are considered. The methodology of the regional security theory is built on the basis of well-known research areas: the stability theory, the reliability theory, risk management, the sensibility theory, the viability theory, the resilience theory and other scientific concepts that are ideologically complementary to the science of the security of socio-economic systems and develop it in goal-setting, missions, used methods and means. Results and conclusions. The range of regional security theory problems and its place among other scientific disciplines subject to the class of the object under study (regional socioeconomic system), control modes and the impact nature of the external and internal factors are determined. At a qualitative level, ways are proposed to extend and adapt the developed theory of regional security to the problems of managing the resilience of regional critical infrastructures. The application substantiation of the considered regional security methodology for fully solving these problems is given. 

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systems analysis, regional security theory, control, methodological foundations, stability, reliability, resilience, risk management 

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Masloboev A.V. An overview of the regional security theory and methodological foundations. Nadezhnost' i kachestvo slozhnykh sistem = Reliability and quality of complex systems. 2022;(2):102–118. (In Russ.). doi:10.21685/2307-4205-2022-2-12 


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